Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Parent Pay Day

Well...last night I had a parent pay day. As a mom I spend most hours of the day trying to teach my children how to get along, share, serve, help others, be friendly, and basically be good people and citizens. Most of the time I feel like it is a lot of work, and an endless cause...until nights like last night. I was craving pumpkin pie and so I made one. As I was dishing up...Kainoa was misbehaving and was sent to his room. I heard Rory saying..."I'm sorry, but now you are not going to be able to have pie." Akime heard that and said, "Can I share my piece of pie with Kainoa." Oh my gosh!!! These boys really are brothers that love each other and look out for each other. Kainoa came down for the pie. When they were leaving the kitchen to go to bed, under my breath (I guess a little too loudly) I said..."Oh"..."I hate when the sink is full of dishes." Kainoa heard me and said, "Mom I'll do the dishes for you." I really wanted him in bed, and him doing the dishes really meant more work for me...but I couldn't beat the offer. Thank heavens for moments like these. My kids really are great...even when it is the middle of summer and we think we're driving each other nuts. We really are happy and loving family!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rory's contribution to space!

Rory would die if he knew I was posting this because he is so humble. However, I'm his proud wife. I've heard it right from his VP's mouth...the whole RF team at his work relies on Rory to be successful. He is always humble and passes on the credit to his teammates. His antenna team developed the antenna on this satellite. You can find more on the Internet by googling ORS-1. Let's pray all cntinues to go well with the mission.

Big day in the O-R

Well today Kainoa and Daisy had surgery. Kainoa and Daisy both had adenoids removed. Kainoa had tonsils out too. Daisy had tubes placed in her ears. Daisy of course was crying when she got out. I held her, suctioned out her mouth, and fed her. Then she was smiling and good. She's been more tired throughout the day.

Kaioa is a different story. Driving there he said, "I'm really excited mom! Not the excited when you cry...but the nervous excited like when you're going to preform on American idol." I thought that was well thought out. He was chatty the whole way there. When they gave him the medicine to make him tired...when it started working...he asked..."What's in this stuff?" "Does it change your DNA?" "The chairs look like fish." He came out of surgery like a champ! When we were driving home...he said..."So, what do you think about me not crying?" He is so funny and has always been tough. I remember as a two year old...getting blood drawn...he looked up at t the nurse and said, "thank you!"

He insisted that they keep his tonsils so that he could see them. "hmm" he said. "They look like oval meatballs." Got to love it. I have a picture that I'll add to this post.

Well...he hasn't slept all day...still can't walk five feet without doing a couple of Kart-wheels, has done some head stands...eaten our dinner mixed in a blender...and asked..."tomorrow, can I have a cheeseburger." He keeps wanting pretzels.

So...all has turned out well...let's hope he's not too active and that he causes harm.

Thanks everybody for your love and prayers!

Going to catch up soon!

So...I have lots of pictures and updates to add to our blog. I'm new at it though. My friend is going to come show me how, and then I will. Please stay tuned in.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Simple Joys

Last night my dad, Daisy, Kindia, Kasia, and I walked to Bob's brain freeze for a shaved ice. Grandpa got Tiger's blood, the girls cotton candy, and I got Bob's blood. It was such a nice night, overcast and pleasant. Daisy came in the stroller and we strolled along behind...just chatting, sipping syrup from the snow cone, and enjoying life. My dad made the comment about being able to spend time with his grandkids...I made the comment about being able to spend time with my dad. What a blessing for all of us. These are the moments in life...that count!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Raisin Toes

Daisy's feet after two hours of water.

4th of July at the cabin at Bear Lake

Daisy loving the beach and her new pool from Nana.